Electric Bikes: New Zealand’s most entertaining bike ride yet!

Grab hold of your seats and get ready for the most fun you’ll ever have on two wheels! Electric bikes are New Zealand’s cleanest, greenest form of motorised cycling, and eBike Wanganui are proud to be right there at the front line of innovation. We’re stockists of the Evinci range of electric bikes: and although they are manufactured in China, they have been designed and extensively road tested right here in NZ – making them hardier and more reliable on our roads than any other eBikes we’ve seen.

Wanganui eBikes: fun, easy & healthy!

Get out and about more easily with a Evinci eBike as your main ride: these bikes are sleek and sexy, boasting a range of clever design features that are guaranteed to give you the ride of your life. We’re excited by the intelligence that has gone into the design of these eBikes, and we think you’ll be impressed too. Why don’t you try one today?

Looking for a lifestyle change? Buy an eBike

There’s never been an easier, more affordable, or more accessible way to keep fit – with an eBike on hand, the steepest of hills becomes child’s play, strong winds won’t bother you, and even cycling in traffic becomes less daunting. Due to their ‘pedal assist’ technology, these bikes will keep you active while removing those stressful barriers to enjoyment; actively reducing your level of exertion depending on which grade you select.

Why choose an eBike?

We all love the idea of cycling to work, or cycling to the shops – however the reality can be a bit overwhelming at times. One steep hill can be enough to destroy any goodwill; and when you throw in a strong head wind – well, the car starts to look better and better! That’s where an eBike comes into it’s own. These electric bikes remove the pain from your cycle experience, while still needing pedal power to move forward. It’s not cheating: it’s just smarter cycling!