Why eBikes?
Cycling for seniors, biking for tourists, and green transport for all!

Why choose an eBike? The reasons why so many people are turning to fuel-free transport are obvious: your environment is begging you to make the switch! In fact, even your bank account will love you for it, as the initial purchase price of an eBike will be paid back many times over through savings in petrol, and savings on gym memberships. Many of our clients use their eBikes almost every day; simply because they are so easy to handle and so simple to operate. Of course, the health benefits are a large part of why our eBike range is so popular, with a regular eBike ride providing enough exercise to keep any doctor happy!

eBikes for Motorhome users

eBikes are great for motorhomers and caravanners as they provide the freedom of being able to easily pop down to the grocery store, or look at local tourist attractions. A perfect solution for those with space constraints is the fold up Evinci Robin 

Keep it clean, go eBike green!

Yes – that’s right, your eBike is a clean, green cycling machine. Simply plug them in, let them charge for around 6-8 hours, and you’ll be able to travel an average of 70kms before you need to worry. These bikes produce zero emissions, zero waste, and the engine is whisper quiet, making this the least intrusive form of powered transport we’ve ever seen!

NZ designed & locally serviced electric bikes

We’re not going to lie: buying an eBike is a big decision. We respect the fact that the purchase of an eBike is not something that’s undertaken lightly; it’s a significant investment, but we are so certain that you will have no regrets that we encourage you to have a hands-on trial before committing! Take our in-store eBikes for a spin to get a feel for how they work – and ask us any questions you might have. We’re locally owned and operated, and we do all of our own maintenance and repair work too: so you can trust us to only sell you the best!

Low maintenance: plug & play eBike fun!

With no internal gears, and a very low maintenance exterior, these eBikes couldn’t be any simpler to care for. We’ll guide you through the charging system and the Pedal Assist grades, but other than that, you’ll find that it’s as easy as riding a bike.

Ideal for injury rehabilitation and senior exercise

Due to the varying levels of pedal assist, an eBike is ideal for gently transitioning an injury from low weight-bearing through to full weight-bearing exercise. The pedal assist is also a fantastic option for senior exercise, assisting with circulation and general health, while maintaining a gentle-to-no impact movement.